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Find the Best Boat Rentals in Tampa Bay in 3 Steps

Tampa Bay boat rentals

Ever wondered how to find the BEST boat rentals in Tampa Bay? Everyone has different preferences, but there are certain hallmarks of a great boat rental that you can definitely watch out for. 

Today, we’re covering the three things you should look for to make sure you get the best boat rental possible!

1. Location, Location, Location!

Egmont Key

Being on the water is fun enough by itself, but if you can’t go where you want, then you’re missing out on half the fun! And between gorgeous sights like Egmont Key and Sand Dollar Island, you want to explore as much of the bay as possible.

At Tierra Verde Boat Rentals, we want to make sure you have a great time and make memories to last a lifetime. That’s why we let our boats go as far north as John’s Pass, as far south as Egmont Key, as far east as downtown St. Pete, and as far west as two miles offshore. That means you can hit all the sights, check out the prime fishing spots, and enjoy the freedom of being out on the water!

The best boat rentals in Tampa Bay will let you go where you want. Because if you can’t enjoy the local attractions on the water, then you might as well stay on land!

2. Fleet Diversity Is Everything!

It’s a simple fact that not all fleets are created equal. Whether a boat rental doesn’t offer the type of boat you want, it can’t fit your friends and family, or they don’t have enough boats to get you out on the water when you want to go, fleet diversity is a major factor in finding the best boat rentals near you!

That’s why we boast the LARGEST fleet around Tierra Verde, with 11 boats to choose from! That means that no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got something to meet your needs. Some of our most popular boats include:

  • 24’ Hurricane Deckboat: This is THE party boat! With 150 horsepower and space for 12 adults, this is the ideal boat for waterskiing, tubing, dolphin spotting, and plenty of other fun activities on the water. 
  • 22’ Polar Center Console: If you’re looking to go fishing, this is the perfect fit. With a 30-gallon live bait well, this center console seats six adults and it’s ready to take you all over the bay for tarpon, snapper, and plenty of other local fish!
  • 22’ Key West Center Console: Whether you’re fishing or island hopping, this boat can meet your needs. It’s fully outfitted for fishing, but its 225 horsepower engine also makes it great for zooming from place to place around the bay. And if you’re a regular, this is the newest addition to our fleet, so it’s a great chance to try something new!

No matter what you want to see or do on the water, we’ve got you covered!

3. Extras That MAKE the Boat Rental!

Tampa Bay boating

You get on your boat rental, you race out onto the water, and then you…do what? If you want the best boat rentals in Tampa Bay, then you need all the extras that take a boat rental from “fun” to “phenomenal”!

No matter what you want to do on the water, we can help make it happen. We rent out top-notch equipment, including:

  • Snorkeling gear
  • Inner tubes
  • Water skis
  • Fishing kits

At Tierra Verde Boat Rentals, our goal is to give you a day of fun that you can remember forever. That’s why we take care of the details so you can just worry about showing up, checking in, and enjoying your time on the water!

Discover the Best Boat Rentals in Tampa Bay 

If you want Tampa Bay boat rentals that meet your needs, let you have fun on the water, and always come with world-class service, then you’ve come to the right place! From the moment you get here, we’ll start the fun and get you ready for a day you’ll never forget.

Ready to book your rental? You can book your boat online, call us at (727) 867-0077, or email us at!