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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Boat in Tierra Verde FL?

Cost to rent a Boat Tierra Verde Florida

You don’t need to be a boat owner to get your toes wet in the waters around Tierra Verde, Florida. Simply rent a boat with Tierra Verde Boat Rentals.

Let’s go over the prices you should expect to see if you’re looking to rent a boat at St. Pete Beach.

Night Excursion Package for Leisurely Sunset Cruises in Tierra Verde, FL


Sunset Boat Cruise Tierra Verde Florida

Are you considering a night boating excursion for a leisurely cruise along the pristine Tampa Bay coast this weekend? Our rental boats start from 18 feet and go all the way up to 24 feet, perfect for a relaxing cruise to the islands. Or let us do the driving and get one of our packages, from Sunset cruises, to our Eco-Tours during the Day.

SeaHunt Bay Boat


SeaHunt Bay Boat Rental Price

If you’re looking for a small boat rental that can accommodate up to three people, our 18-ft SeaHunt Bay boat is perfect for island hopping.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate evening with your partner or a fun-filled picnic session with a couple of friends, this 115hp boat can touch 40 mph and get you to your destination in no time.

It’s easy on the pocket, and best of all, you can bring your own water cooler and alcoholic beverages to have a good time!

The 18-ft SeaHunt Bay boat will cost you $325 for the day. You may be able to negotiate an hourly, half-day, or extended-day option on most weekdays.

Hurricane Deck Boat


Hurricane Deck Boat Rental Cost

If you’re looking for something bigger than the SeaHunt Bay boat, Tierra Verde Boat Rentals offers the 20-ft and 24-ft Hurricane deck boats with 10 and 12 seats, respectively. It’s a spacious option for a leisurely cruise across the coastline of St. Pete Beach.

Starting from just $389 for a six-hour cruise, the Hurricane deck boat is a fantastic way to explore the hidden gems that lay a couple of miles away from Tierra Verde, Florida.

You can also book this medium-sized leisure boat on an hourly basis for watersports. Contact us at (727) 867-0077 for more information.

Boat Rental Prices for Fishing Activities in Tampa Bay Waters

Residents in Florida like to fish, and there’s no better way to fish than hitting the Tampa Bay waters and heading deep into the fish-infested areas. Whether you need a small fishing boat or a large one, Tierra Verde Boat Rentals has got you covered.

All of our fishing boats come with a complete Coast Guard-approved safety package, T-top Bimini for shade, Garmin GPS Chartplotter, and Fish Finder to get you started on your fishing adventures in Tampa Bay waters.

Proline Dual Console

Proline Dual Console Boat Rental Price

Forget getting a pontoon boat and consider renting this six-seater 20-ft Proline Dual Console. Whether you’re looking to get the perfect tan on your island-hopping adventures or want to catch some yummy sea critters, this medium-sized fishing boat might be the perfect option for you. Plus, it comes at a great price!

You can rent the Proline Dual Console for $325 (six hours). That’s around $54 per person if you’re heading into the Tampa Bay waters with five friends!

Polar Center Console


Polar Center Console Boat Rental Cost for the Day

Capable of seating six people, the 22-ft Polar Center Console is equipped with a powerful 150hp Yamaha engine, enough to get you to Skyway for some delicious tarpon or to Egmont Key to catch the legendary snapper. It’s super fast, comfortable, and fun to ride in.

The Polar Center Console starts at $389 for a six-hour fishing session. You can call Tierra Verde Boat Rentals for hourly or extended-day options.

Key West Center Console


Key West Center Console Fishing Boat

Are you looking for a large fishing boat? The 22-ft Key West Center Console can comfortably accommodate six people, plus a 30-gallon cooler. It comes with a powerful 225-hp Yamaha engine and a raised platform so you can easily fish while your partner or friends bask in Florida’s sun.

Fishing boat rental prices are through the roof all across the United States, but at Tierra Verde Boat Rentals, we like to stay competitive. With just $479, you can have the mighty Key West Center Console all to yourself for six hours. Now that’s a steal!

Cost to Rent a Boat for Watersports Activities on St. Pete Beach, FL

There’s no better way to indulge in watersports on St. Pete Beach, Florida, than to rent out a jet ski and hit the waters.

Whether it’s waterboarding activities or exploring the waters surrounding Pass-a-Grille, Shell Key, and Boca Ciega Bay, our WaveRunners are the perfect way to leave your worries behind and head into the sunset for a fantastic adventure.

Yamaha WaveRunners


St. Petersburg jet ski rental

Shoot across the waters at 45 mph with our Yamaha WaveRunners. They’re fast, agile, and comfortable, the perfect blend of characteristics to explore St. Pete Beach, Florida, and have an action-packed time. It comes with a dual-throttle RiDE System that ensures safety and maneuverability.

Tierra Verde Boat Rentals offers the Yamaha WaveRunners at the following prices:

  • One-hour rental: $125
  • 1.5-hour rental: $190
  • Two-hour rental: $225

What Does the Boat Rentals at St. Petersburg, FL, Cover?

Most boat rental companies do not disclose their terms and conditions upon booking, which can adversely impact the customer experience. We at Tierra Verde Boat Rentals believe in transparency and mention everything in our frequently asked questions section on our website.

Our rental boat costs do not include the price of fuel. Anyone renting boats must pay for the amount of fuel they use during their adventures.

Call Tierra Verde Boat Rentals to Book Your Fun-filled Water Adventure Today!

Considering the average daily rental price starting at $400, Tierra Verde Boat Owners offer competitive prices for those looking to enjoy a cruise, spend their day fishing, or indulge in watersports activities.

Rent a Boat Tierra Verde - CTA

Rent a Boat in Tierra Verde Florida today and remember repeat customers enjoy up to a $45 discount on follow-up rentals!