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Enjoy an Evening Cruise this Valentine’s Day: St. Pete Beach

Evening Cruise Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is one in which love is in the air more than ever before. It sounds like the perfect time to enjoy a romantic night out while enjoying the views of the open water on a special cruise that will live on in your collective memories for a long time time to come.

Your romantic cruise can be enhanced with the inclusion of a delectable dinner. Imagine teasing your palate like never before as you relaxing night cruise alongside the one who holds your heart. Does it get any better?

Complement Your Romantic Evening with our Sunset Cruise Offering

Clearly, this is a special day, and it can only be complemented by what feels like the epitome of special event cruises. Your tour starts on a relaxing note as you slowly head into the Tampa Bay Estuary. After all, a look at the diverse wildlife is nothing short of breathtaking and is sure to make the experience more memorable than you can imagine.

Are you up for a local history lesson? Don’t worry, it’s more enjoyable than you may think. Views are a big part of the experience too, and it just so happens that the beauty of nature will be a big part of your intimate evening. Bear witness as the sun sinks over the Gulf of Mexico horizon. The natural beauty of the painted sky cannot be expressed in mere words.

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A romantic dinner cruise is just the thing to make this evening even better. You have the option of making this one of our well-liked dinner cruises if you so desire with tempting options such as pulled pork, smoked turkey, Texas sausage, BBQ chicken or vegetarian salad, and more.

Your romantic dinner cruise will be one of the highlights of your union of love, which is sure to be one more reason you have a strong bond with your partner.

The cruise is approximately just over two hours and meals will be pre-selected and ordered in advance. Therefore, substitutions are only allowed for vegetarian and allergic situations.

Do You Need Other Date Ideas? Be Your Own Captain!

Our 22′ Center Console and 20′ Deckboats Are a Perfect Option!

While our tour will certainly bring unforgettable memories, you may wish to explore the open waters and scenic landscapes with your significant other while being your own captain. Our customers are at the center of our decisions and all we do, which is why we offer boat rentals that you may use to explore at your leisure.

Head out on the water this Valentine's Day

22′ Polar Center Console

Our reliable 22′ Polar Center Console is one member of our proud fleet that you can use to make your evening special. Fishing may not be your idea of a romantic evening out, but if it is, then you have the perfect option here.

Equipped with a 30 gal bait well, chart plotter, and depth finder, you’ll have no trouble getting to places where the fish enjoy gathering.

However, if you’re just looking to spend some time on the open water with the one who holds your heart, consider yourself in the right place.

Here are a few rules to bear in mind to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible:

  1. Renters must be at least 21 years old
  2. Boating experience is required
  3. The driver should not have alcohol either before or during the rental
  4. A major credit card and valid driver’s license are required for the rental
  5. The driver must hold a government-issued boating operator’s license before the rental or must have been born before 1988.
  6. Alcohol and large coolers are allowed on board
  7. A full Coast Guard safety package is present on the boat

20′ Hurricane Deckboat

Another proud member of our fleet is the 20′ Hurricane Deckboat. As a 10-seater unit, it can be used for a single couple, or multiple if you have a couple of friends who you want to do a double or even a triple date with. After all, the romance never stops.

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You’ll find the unit to be the perfect size, never feeling too big or too small for the task at hand. Why not head to the islands for a time of relaxation? If you want to have a moment in the water, bring a tube with you and take a dip. You’ve found the perfect Tampa Bay rental for the occasion after all.

Schedule flexibility is no issue. You may want an hour, a couple, more, or even the entire day to explore and feel at ease with the tranquil views available.

Just as before, let’s go through a couple of housekeeping matters to ensure that your plans don’t get thrown off:

  1. Alcohol and large coolers are allowed on board
  2. Bimini top allows for most of the boat to be shaded
  3. No fishing gear is allowed on the boat
  4. Watersports are allowed on the boat

Beyond that, all the other listed items that apply to the 22′ Polar Center Console option apply here too.

You Deserve a Memorable Experience for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year just like a birthday so it’s important that you make the most of it when it does come around. Enjoy Tampa Bay with one of our options or give the gift of the open water to others with one of our gift certificates.

a group of palm trees on a beach near a body of water

It doesn’t get much more romantic than that, now does it?

Why Tierra Verde Boat Rentals

There’s a reason we have been the top choice for water sports and boat rentals in Tampa Bay for two decades. It’s a matter of reliability and expertise that has consistently created satisfied customers. As our name implies, you can find Tierra Verde Boat rentals in Florida. Our location is convenient and found next to St. Petersburg. If you’re in Orlando or Tampa, you should have no issues finding us.

Rent a Boat Tierra Verde - CTA

It’s not just our fleet of boats or tours that are amazing. There’s also our outstanding water location that just happens to be next to all the beautiful water destinations that our valued customers would want to explore!

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